Wood-Apple (Bel)

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wood apple is not just one fruit but a generic name for several trees of the Aurantioideae subfamily within the rue and the citrus family. Botanically, Aurantioideae are characterized by small trees or shrubs with fragrant white flowers and fruits that have either a granular peel or an extremely hard shell. In this article, we delve into details on the fruit of the tree – the wood apple.Bael fruit is a round or oval fruit that may have a thin, hard, woody shell or a gray-green rind that turns more yellow when ripe. You can find bael fruit trees in many temple gardens in India as the tree is considered sacred and the leaves are often used in religious ceremonies.

Stops diarrhea

Antimicrobial and antiviral activity

Chemopreventive action

Diuretic activity

Antifertility properties

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