Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner (180 ml)

Product No.191


The Sunsilk perfect straight conditioner has been specially formulated to enhance the effects of the Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo. It is designed to reaches your deepest hair fibers, reduce frizziness and help straighten hair strands, aligning them perfectly as your hair dries. This conditioner is manufactured using the straight-lock technology that gives you flawlessly straight hair after every wash. Co-created with Sunsilk expert Yuko Yamashita, Sunsilk perfect straight conditioner is the ideal conditioner to get straight, tangle-free hair and this is a conveniently sized pack of 180 ml. The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo is co-created by the expert Yuko Yamashita, it is the ideal shampoo for straight hair Its breakthrough straight-lock technology actively controls and holds every hair strand, each hair strand is perfectly aligned as your hair dries Experience unbeatably straight hair that is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, right from the shower, straight baal lock karo, rock karo!

Brand - Sunsilk

Hair Type - Normal

Liquid Volume - 180 Millilitres

Item Form - Liquid

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 37 x 52 x 177 Millimeters

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  • MRPRs. 145