Star Anise (Chakri Phool) , 50g

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A secret ingredient, Star Anise whole spice is an exotic, fragrant spice from Vietnam and mostly known for its wonderful aroma and delicate flavor which resembles fennel and basil, popularly used in Indian dishes, specially in 5-spice blend. Almost all Chinese dishes use star anise for preparation. Generally use as whole in culinary food preparation and once prepared just before eating its removed. Star anise when cooked produces high aroma and fragrance that creates unique flavor in food.

Star anise has many names in different cuisines and flower in shape with intense aroma and flavor

Also known as Badiyan fool, Chakar phool, Chakri fool, Aniseed flower, Stone flower etc; Star Anise is must have for any Indian cooking method and is mostly used in preparing aromatic Briyani, sea food, Pulav and also main ingredients of garam masala powder, chai Masala or Chinese “5 spice”

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