Natal Plum (Karonda)

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The fruit also contains a substantial amount of iron, known for reducing fatigue, depression and dizziness. Natal plum contains an impressive amount of vitamin C, known to reduce aging, boost the immune system and lung health, and improve teeth and gums. Natal plums have a bright red outer skin and flesh and are somewhat tapered or pointed at one end. Both the stems and fruit of the Natal plum will release flecks of milky white sap when cut. The Natal plum has a sweet and sour flavor, while offering a juicy consistency. Its branches and leaves are vivid green in color with white flowers and numerous double pronged thorns, a good identifier when foraging for the Natal plum shrub. The taste of the Natal plum has also been compared to the tart flavor of the cranberry.

Natal Plum is known to reduce aging

Boost the immune system and lung health

Improve teeth and gums

Natal Plum also known for reducing fatigue, depression and dizziness

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