Dry Dates,100 gm

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Dry dates are a great source of iron, one of the most vital minerals in a body. Iron is a major component in red blood corpuscles or haemoglobin and plays a key role in maintaining the amount of blood cells as well as regulating the flow of oxygen in the body. Hence, people who suffer from anaemia (decrease in blood cells) can get immense benefits from dry dates. Calcium content in dry dates is very high. Calcium, being a crucial element of our skeletal system, is necessary for keeping our bones and teeth safe and strong. So, including a handful of dates in your daily diet will be a great choice to stay away from bone problems.

High in Fiber

Getting enough fiber is important for your overall health

Top-Grade Medjoul Dates

Naturally sweet, fat free and have no cholesterol

Rich in Dietary Fibre- an ideal choice for snacks

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