Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, 340ml

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Visible repair and hair nourishment with every wash. Ideal For Men & Women.A nourishing formula enriched with fibre actives.Is your hair showing signs of damage split ends, dryness, roughness or hair fall. The secret of how to repair damaged hair. A strengthening shampoo that helps to treat the signs of damage with two-way care for both long and short-term results . Give your hair the essential care it deserves with Dove intense repair shampoo. The intense repair shampoo works to restore the health and shine of your hair. It contains fibre actives, which penetrate your hair and rebuild damaged hair, to renew the lost gloss and vigour and give life to your damaged hair. Gentle enough for daily use, Dove intense repair shampoo helps to immediately repair strands while nourishing them from within for healthy looking hair that stronger this shampoo for damaged hair repairs signs of damage for smooth and strong hair. Formulated with fibre actives, this shampoo for damaged hair reinforces strands to prevent the signs of damage on hair. Nourishment for damaged hair to leave you with beautiful looking hair, all day long. Based on lab test with Dove intense repair system vs non-conditioning shampoo strength against hair breakage, based on lab test with Dove intense repair system vs. Non-conditioning shampoo.

Strengthening shampoo which helps protect hair against damage

Nourishing system that rebuilds damaged hair from within

Actively helps repair damage deep inside hair

Hair looks healthy, strong against breakage and more beautiful

A nourishing formula enriched with fibre actives

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