Clinic Plus Strong & Extra Thick Shampoo, 650 ml

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Milk Protein Boost Formula which penetrates into hair strands.Clinic Plus believes that girls who have been raised to be strong, become women who face challenges with confidence and determination. A girl is truly empowered when she is guided by her mother to find her inner strength, so she can conquer obstacles she encounters in her journey through life. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering both in life, and when it comes to hair as well. Hair can only grow when it is given the strength to do so. Which is why Clinic Plus shampoos are imbibed with ingredients that help keep girls hair strong & thick. Almond oil in particular has been a staple of traditional hair remedies for centuries. Renowned for its various nutritional benefits, almond oil is known to help fortify strands to make hair look and feel healthier. Get hair that upto 30% visibly thicker with Clinic Plus Strong & Thick shampoo, infused with almond oil and milk protein that helps improve hair overall resilience and helps maintain volume over time. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Clinic Plus Strong & Thick shampoo nourishes hair strands to help maintain strength and density.

It has goodness of almond oil

Gives upto 30% visibly thicker hair

It has goodness of almond oil

Milk Protein Boost Formula which penetrates into hair strands

Stronger Looking hair

Ideal For: Men & Women

Formula works from root to tips

Provides essentail protein element that your hair is made of

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